"It is not often you come across a training that not only delivers on everything it promises but gives a lot more. Definitely the most effective training program in the wireless space."
Jitender V
IT Manager, Global Technology, JPMC

KEY highlights

1. 4 day intensive training program developed by industry experts.

2. Training by an ex Cisco wireless escalation lead.

3. Personalized lab kits for every student and lab guides based on the latest WLC/AP SW versions.

4. Extremely useful for anyone preparing for either CCNP Wireless or CCIE Wireless.


7+ years of experience in the wireless domain and completed CCIE Wireless, CCIE Security, CWNA and CWSP certifications.

Author of the upcoming book 'Design and Manage a High Performance Wireless Network'.

Cisco Live Speaker who has presented on various topics of wireless networking and authored several articles on Cisco.com

Worked in design, implementation and troubleshooting roles for some of the biggest customers. Also been part of the core committee to design the CCNP Wireless curriculum.

Course Objectives

We know what it really takes to succeed as a wireless engineer. And the course objectives are designed to ensure just that. Here are some of the core concepts that are covered.

WiFi from the ground up

WiFi gets really easy when you get the basics right. And this is where we lay a strong foundation.

Wireless Fundamentals: Contention Window, Interframe spacing, RSSI/SNR and what can effect it, Power save, beamforming, spatial streams among others.

Understanding Client connectivity flow with different security types: Dot1x, PSK, webauth, CWA/LWA.

Understanding Wireless client roaming concepts: 802.11r, OKC, SKC, PMKID, L2/L3 roaming

AP modes of operation: Local, WIPS, Flexconnect/OEAP and Mesh.

Managing features such as High Availability, flexconnect, mesh, wireless mobility

Understanding wireless security and preventing attacks on your wireless network.

Get the BEST out of your wireless nework

Understand what it takes to get your wireless network working at its optimal best.

Optimize your network for various client types: Apple IPAD's/Iphones/MAC, Android clients, Windows desktops, Voice phones

RRM, FRA, RF profiles: Gain a deep understanding on how they work, and enable the right settings based on your environment and client types that connect.

Choosing between 802.11r, 802.11k, 802.11v, optimised roaming, RX-SOP: What works and when

Break the myths on 802.11ac speeds; Understand how it works; Client, AP and RF design considerations to make it work flawlessly

Configuring QOS, Video streaming, and multicast to improve wireless performance.

Managing interference sources, clean air, rogue AP's, wireless attacks.

Manage a high performance Wireless Network

Learn to manage some of the most complex workflows and features you will run into in your wireless network

Understanding AP join flow and troubleshooting AP join and AP connectivity issues in local/flexconnect and mesh scenarios.

Manage client connectivity failures in various scenarios like DHCP, Dot1x/PSK authentication, CWA/webauth and flexconnect connectivity.

Managing RF coverage, addressing client throughput, roaming, and sticky client issues.

Cisco ISE integration with the WLC for different scenarios like dot1x authentication, webauth and CWA. 

MSE/CMX and its integration with WLC. Client tracking, Analytics and WIPS

Managing and troubleshooting Cisco Mobility Express.

Wireless Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot a wireless network like a pro. Use tools that the TAC escalation team uses.

Prime Infrastructure: Managing and troubleshooting a wireless network with Prime Infrastructure

Wireless Config Analyser: The best free tool available. Learn to assess your RF health in minutes and fix issues without having to collect any other data.

Advanced AP debugging: Fix packet drops, connection failures and a lot more without having to take 

Gain in-depth understanding on Wireshark Analysis and packet captures. Our mock sessions on using wireshark ensure it becomes your new best friend.

Statistical Analysis with Wireshark: A revolutionary technique, using which you can understand network utilization, client behavior, find & fix faults in the network.

Troubleshooting from the client side: Logs that can be collected, how to analyse them and more.

In line with our tradition to provide the most exclusive experience to our clients, we are doing something we have never done before. A one time offer that you simply cannot ignore!!

'Wireless Design 101' course

This is a one day program focussing on various aspects of wireless design. Some of the topics covered are wireless design fundamentals, Design and Implementation of features such as High Availability, Flexconnect, AVC/Client monitoring and VoWIFI.

Price of the program: $1300

One year exclusive access to our Mastermind group

Engage with your trainer anytime and get your queries answered. Be part of the fastest growing community of wireless engineers. Network and Collaborate with professionals from all over the world. Get free access to our webinars, reduced price for upcoming programs and a lot more.

Price of the membership: $1250

Wireless Client Disassociation/Deauth Guide

Covering more than 110 different client disconnection reasons, why they occur and how to fix them. Next time you see a message that your client got de-authenticated, you will know why it happened and how it can be fixed.

Price of the guide: $575

Wireless Management Encyclopedia

This covers over 150 issues that network engineers face regularly while managing and deploying wireless networks and how to fix them.        

Price of the guide: $625

The cost of the program itself is $3900

Including the 1 day program and the study guides the total value becomes $7650

But with this one time introductory offer you get all of this for not $7650, or $3900 but for an incredible


What they like to say about Us!

'Excellent environment created by the trainer. Training methodology is friendly and flexible and was very useful for my career development. All in all a perfect training.'
Senior Network Engineer
'The trainer is very engaging and helpful. I loved his commitment to ensure everyone understood the concepts and had their queries answered."
Wireless Engineer, KPIT
'The course not only helped me gain an in-depth insight into managing wireless networks, but also fast-tracked my CCNP Wireless preparation.'
Danny Lau
Network Engineer
'Wireless Management Intensive is a unique program and definitely one of the best I have attended. The hands on labs was the highlight of the program. Very detailed and will save us a lot of time troubleshooting issues.'
IT Team Lead, World Bank

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